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Welcome to Laughing Crow Flutes Music Download Store. All the music in this store is performed and produced by me, Laughing Crow.

The names of the albums are on the left. Click on the album to see it and all the songs that are in it. You may listen to samples of the different songs by clicking on the play "arrow" button. At the top of the screen you will see navigation buttons so you can move back and forth through the music store.

I accept PayPal through this site. You can still purchase the music even if you do not have a PayPal account by using your credit card through PayPal. None of your credit card information is revealed to myself.

You will be sent an email after your purchase with a link or links to download your music. You will have 3 tries within 4 days to download your purchase.

If you purchase an entire album it will come in a zip format which most computers can handle. Normally you can right click on a zip file (ctl click for Mac) and you will be presented with options for upzipping the file. All the songs will be in the zip file.

Be sure and download your music to a place on your computer where you can find it. You can then add it to your playlist for whichever player you normally use.

If you have any problems you may contact me at crowflutes@aol.com and we will get your issues solved.

Thanks for looking and listening. I hope you enjoy the music!

Richard Maynard, Laughing Crow Flutes