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F#m Bubinga for Small Hands


Short arms? Short fingers? This could be the answer for a lower toned flute.

  • Native American Flute
  • Spalted Tamarind Native American Flute in F-sharp minor
  • F#m Bubinga for 'Smaller Folks'


    A powerful flute that I don't usually make in this size, but if you have smaller hands and shorter arms and you want to get into a more 'mellow pitch', this one could work. Even if you are 'normal' this flute works well. Generally, I use a 1" bore for my F#m flutes, but the bore on this one is 1 1/4", hence the shorter length. The holes are somewhat larger in diameter. If your fingers are slim, you could have a bit of difficulty sealing them (3/8" diameter holes).

    As you can see, the wood is beautiful and if you're looking for a ' canyon blaster' this flute just might fit the bill. I really like the volume and the tone on this one. Listen for yourself. Measurements at bottom of page.

    Click on each photo to see an enlarged version of the images.

    Listen to sound samples of this Bubinga F#m flute here:
    Natural "dry" sound of this flute with no enhancement
    Reverb electronically added to the sample of this flute for the "Canyon" sound.

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