Amazique F#m

Figured Amazique flute with turquoise inlaid cabochons. Full, rich, round tone with amazing lustre in the grain.

  • Amazique F#m Flute


    Also known as Ovangkol, Shedua, Amazoue or Mozambique, this beautiful African hardwood has been used by high end instrument companies worldwide for many years now. It is a wonderful tonewood with rich color. From Equatorial West Africa, the color is similar to East Indian Rosewood and the grain is interlocked like Bubinga. In fact, Amazique is from the same family as Bubinga and shares many of the same traits.

    This wood wins the award for the most commonly-used aliases, with no single name being predominant. When used in guitars, it’s most commonly referred to as Ovangkol. Most other woodworkers favor either Shedua or Amazique, while veneer is sometimes sold under the name Mozambique. All refer to the same wood species: Guibourtia ehie.

    This flute has a full, rich, round tone that I know you'll like.

    Listen to sound samples of this Amazique F#m flute here:
    Natural "dry" sound of this flute with no enhancement
    Reverb electronically added to the sample of this flute for the "Canyon" sound.


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