Please Note:I'm getting back on track. No, I'm not dead or retired, yet. I have a new, talented assistant (John) who is very adept with woodworking.

Tiger Maple F#m, Paduak F#m are in stock. I have Em in most woods. Gm Western Red Cedar flutes are available along with some other woods.More flutes coming, soon. Email me with questions: Thank You.

Here are a couple of YouTube videos of Yours Truly working on the latest batch. Cutting the Nest. Cutting the Flue.

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Add Maple Burl Eagle Fetish

Add a Maple Burl Eagle Fetish to Any Laughing Crow Flute.


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Add Cedar Eagle Fetish

Add a Cedar Eagle Fetish to Any Laughing Crow Flute


Felt Flute Bag (Earth tone Colors Vary)