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F#m Black & White Ebony Native American Style Flute

Black & White Ebony with Carved Moose Antler Bear Fetish, Buckeye Burl and Rosewood End caps and Crushed Turquoise Bands

  • F#m Black & White Ebony Flute W/Bear Fetish

    This Black and White Ebony comes from Southeast Asia. Cambodia, I think. The Bear Fetish is made from naturally shed moose antler which was harvested in Alaska and carved by artisans in Bali. The end caps are Rosewood and Buckey Burl. The bands are inlaid crushed Turquoise. The little Bear sits on top of a Bubinga block.

    This is a heavy instrument with a full, rich tone and plays extremely well. As you may know, many woodwinds are made from Ebony, such as clarinets and oboes. It is a fine tone wood and works well for the Native American style flute.
    Listen to this flute here.
    Listent to this flute with reverb (canyon sound) here.

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  • A close-up of the amazing detail in the carving of this bear.

  • Close-up of the front of this instrument depicting the inlay. This wood had some tiny bug holes which only served to make the grain that much more fascinating. The tiny holes are filled with a mixture of crushed Turquoise and two part epoxy. They in no way affect the way this flute plays or it's reliability.

    A word to the potential owner. This is a fine instrument and even though the wood is heavy and tough, she will require a little extra care in that she cannot be put up "wet". One always wants to dry the Slow Air Chamber as much as possible and leave the bear off overnight so the moisture that naturally condenses inside will have a chance to escape .

  • SOLD

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