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Gabon Ebony F#m Flute W/Crushed Mother of Pearl Bands

Fabulous Tone that Only Comes from Ebony

  • Gabon Ebony F#m Flute


    Forget "ebonized", this is real Gabon Ebony. Talk about a solid, pure, fabulous tone, this is the mecca of tone. So many fine woodwinds are made from Ebony, I just knew this wood would really work for the Native American flute, and it does. It is finished with urethane that enhances the beauty so much and makes it basically care free. There is scant finish in the windways so the tone is not altered by the finish. This instrument has not only great tone and tuning, but a wonderful heft that feels good in your hands. Frankly, I'd prefer to keep this instrument for myself, but I'm not in the business of building flutes for me. Real Gabon Ebony is hard to come by and once acquired, finicky to work with. I believe that the crushed Mother of Pearl adds a wonderful contrast to the almost total blackness of the wood. I could go on, but I'll let you make up your mind after listening to the sound samples I've posted below. Whomever winds up with this Native American Style Ebony flute will cherish it for a lifetime.

    Listen to sound samples of this Ebony F#m flute here:
    Natural "dry" sound of this flute with no enhancement
    Reverb electronically added to the sample of this flute for the "Canyon" sound.

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