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FiddleBack Maple F#m Drone

Nice tight figure in this wood. Great tone, too!

  • Fiddleback Native American Drone Flute in F-sharp minor
  • Fiddleback Native American Drone Flute in F-sharp minor

    FiddleBack F#m Drone Flute

    A fine piece of Fiddleback Maple. It's called "Fiddleback" because this type of Maple is often used for the backs of fiddles and violins. This tight figure is much sought after. I was lucky enough to obtain this gorgeous piece of wood with which to create this fine instrument.

    The voice is strong and clear. If you add the right amount of pressure while breathing into the drone side, it will jump up an octave, thus giving it two notes instead of one for your drone.

    Listen to this flute here.
    Listen to this flute with reverb (canyon sound) here.

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