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F#m Granadillo Native American Style Flute

Granadillo F#m flute W/Turquoise Bands. A fine tonewood. Often used for marimba keys and claves. Makes a great flute.

  • Granadillo F#m

    Granadillo is a rosewood from South and Central America. Commonly used for claves (percussion instrument commonly used in Latin music) and marimba keys. It's a fabulous tonewood. Hard and heavy, it makes for a really sweet-sounding flute. This flute has a clear bell-like tone. You won't hear much "windiness" in this instrument. Responsive and sweet is how I describe this flute. The 1/4" bands are inlaid with crushed turquoise. The bird is of Tiger Maple and you can see the four direction holes at the end. The direction holes represent the four directions; north, south, east and west, and are used to tune the fundamental note of F#. The extra length on the end of the flute adds a nice, mellow, throaty sound to the fundamental. This is a fine musical instrument which I think would perform well in a quiet, peaceful space as well as in a recording studio, on a stage in front of a large audience as well as in the great outdoors.
    Listen to this flute here.
    Listen to this flute with reverb (canyon sound) here.

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