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F#m African Sapele Native American Style Flute

African Sapele F#m flute W/Turquoise Bands. An iridescent wood with a wonderful, warm tone.

  • African Sapele (Pomelle) F#m

    The first time I saw this wood, I fell in love with the iridescent look of the grain. Yes, it sounds wonderful, with a big round tone. I've inlaid crushed turquoise bands around this flute and have made it somewhat longer than my usual F#m flutes. The Slow Air Chamber (SAC) is longer on this flute, but the finger hole spacing is the same as a normal F#m flute. The flute is 26" long, overall. If you have short arms, it will be a stretch.

    The word "Pomelle" means "quilted". It's a French term used to describe wood grain that is "wavy" or "curly". This piece of Sapele has a beautiful wavy grain reminiscent of a woman's very wavy, almost curly hair. When you hold this flute out in the sunlight the grain really "pops". The sound is rich and full.

    Listen to this flute here.
    Listen to this flute with enhanced with reverb (canyon sound) here.

    African Sapele (Pomelle) F#m Flute


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