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Understanding The Gift by John Vames

  • The best teaching book on the planet for the Native American flute.

Understanding the Gift by John Vames

"Understanding the Gift"

A 104 page instructional text including 25 sheet music scores for the 6-hole Native American flute with a companion 39 track CD.
It’s a comprehensive guide and permanent resource for all students of the Native American Flute. All instruction is offered in a pleasant, concise and easy to understand language and format for learning to play. It is a Book that will answer a large and growing demand for a text and CD to benefit all of the following:

The Beginner
who has little or no experience playing a musical instrument,
The Intermediate player who wants to fill in gaps and add to his or her knowledge of how the Native American Flute works, how music works, and how to put the two together
The Advanced Player
who wants to teach others how to play but up until now did not have a clear-cut format to do so.

Part 1

includes chapters with information on:
Finger Control, Breath Control, Embouchure, Tonguing and Slurring, The Native American/Pentatonic Scale, How to Create your own melodies, Ornamentation, Lessons on Duration, How to read printed music and Tablature, The Major scale including analysis, Useful scales for developing technique, confidence and creativity, Care of the Flute, How to Practice successfully, Glossary of Terms, Understanding Pitch and Rhythms, and Subject Index.


includes 25 songs:
Native American, Traditional, Folk, Contemporary and Original in written tablature and performed in the CD.
About the Author: John Vames has been teaching and playing music professionally for over 30 years. All the ideas and suggestions in "Understanding the Gift" have been tested in private lessons and class sessions. There are more than 500 students playing Native American Flute today who are living proof that the materials in this book work! It will work for you!


Purchase "Understanding the Gift" by John Vames $29.95

Companion CD
John Vames

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