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I'm often asked about the slanted end that has become sort of a trade mark for Laughing Crow Flutes. People want to know if it affects the sound. It is my opinion that the tone is affected only in a minimal way. It does not degrade the sound of the flute as far as I can tell. The slanted end just makes it look different and in my eyes gives a certain "flow" to the shape of the instrument. Now, it has been brought to my attention by one of my friends that it is possible to get another note out of the flute by bringing the flute down to your body, or your knee if you're sitting, while all fingers are down playing the fundamental. This technique helps add to the palette of notes that you can use while playing. So, long story short, the slanted end is advantageous if you wish to learn how to play another note that is 1/2 step lower than the fundamental. If you thought your F#m flute could only go as low as F#, now you can get one more note lower by bringing the open, slanted end down towards your body and get the F natural. Same with the other keyed flutes, IE: a Gm flute can play the lower F#, an Am flute can play the lower Ab, etc. This extra note is often referred to as the "leading tone" or the "major seventh".

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