Percussion Accompaniment, by Laughing Crow

Native American Style Flute Solos, Available as Downloads Or CD

About the album

"Percussion Accompaniment" tracks. I am offering 6 percussion tracks to accompany your flute playing. These tracks are non-key specific, so you can use any flute, or any other instrument, for that matter with these tracks. Tempos range from 80 BPM (beats per minute) to 110 BPM. Each track has a two bar count in, using an appropriate instrument such as a rattle. They are divided into eight bar segments at varying tempos using different grooves. Most of the instruments are Indian style drums, rattles, congas, triangles, djembes, tablas, etc. Nothing with a real pitch to throw the player off track. Professionally produced in by myself using high fidelity drum and other percussion tracks. The title of each track pretty much explains what each is about. If you enjoy the clips, you can purchase the CD through the PayPal link below, order by phone +1 (520) 237-5312 or use the form from this website. Specify your choices in the "Notes" section at the bottom. Enjoy!

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